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D & R Landscape Services LLC isn’t your average landscaping company. in Northern Illinois. We’re fully insured to complete projects of all types and sizes. We’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Whether you need regular lawn care services or assistance during an emergency, you can trust us to help.
We offer one-time, seasonal, and annual services. We make it easy and affordable to get expert landscaping services. Want to save big on your landscaping project? Talk to Doug about how you can save 12% on a seasonal contract!
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What we do

The Best Services That We Can Offer

We offer landscaping services, drains installation, and excavating services. Other specialties are:


Want to transform your bland yard into the talk of the neighborhood?

Mulch Services

Revitalize your property by spreading quality mulch in your garden.

Tree Trimming

We provide proper tree maintenance for you.

Seeding & Sodding

Getting the beautiful green yard you dream of doesn't have to be a struggle.


We provide unmatched bush trimming, removal, or stump grinding services.

Tree Removal

Assess your trees for damage and disease.

Stump Grinding

Professional tree stump grinding and removal services.


Discontinued: Snow Plowing and Salting Services.

Regrettably, we no longer offer snow plowing and snow salting services.

Why choose us?

cultivate beautiful and timeless landscapes.

D & R Landscape Services LLC is a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. We offer a variety of lawn care and landscaping services that are customizable to each individual property. We take pride in the quality of our work as well as our commitment to delivering outstanding results. Our local services include sod installation, residential landscaping, and commercial landscaping.

Fully insured with workman's compensation

24-hour emergency service

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We ensure your landscape will stay healthy and looks its absolute best.

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    Here's What Our Clients Say

    Based on 28 reviews
    deene hawkinson
    deene hawkinson
    DNR is an excellent grounded business. Doug & Rodney are professional, friendly business owners. My yard needed a lot of work, including taking down some trees. They gave me a very reasonable quote, they provided service in a timely & safe manner, they cared about what I needed. I highly recommend them!!
    Heidi Hedrington
    Heidi Hedrington
    The BEST of the BEST D&R Landscaping Services, LLO in our region! Today was another wonderful experience both professionally & personally in taking with Jonathan! He did an EXCELLENT job more I expected! I am grateful to Jonathan for an AMAZING work he did in my crazy yard! Thank You to Doug for taking the time out on a busy day to take! It MADE my day! And now, loyal client!
    Alex Frank
    Alex Frank
    Prompt same-day response & service. Friendly, easy. Came out same-day for mow when mower was down. Great local business. Definitely recommend!
    Christina Larson
    Christina Larson
    My backyard was severely overgrown. It probably hadn't been touched in at least 5 years, maybe more. The entire fence line was completely overtaken by mulberry trees and lilac bushes. Doug and his team cut them all down, removed dead bushes, and old logs and limbs from two huge trees that had been cut down but not removed from the property. My yard looks so clean and huge now that you can actually see it! I'm looking forward to next spring and being able to enjoy the area again. I will definitely tell everybody about the great service that I received.
    Sharon Turner
    Sharon Turner
    I was able to contact Tracy's while staying out of state. He was very detailed in keeping me informed on what he was going to do with reasonable prices. If you are looking for lawn care, I highly recommend Tracy's Lawn Care and Tree Removal!!
    Nicole Bogda
    Nicole Bogda
    Contacted late after large snowstorm. They fit me in first thing in the morning. Called me and arrived earlier than expected! Worked patiently with me and did a great job!!! 👍👍
    Suz Nik
    Suz Nik
    Everyday I came home from work and was bummed when I looked at my yard, after having too many trees removed (many Ash from ash borer) yard was a mess and seemed hopeless! Once Doug came over, in 5 minutes I knew this is the the company I wanted! He did not judge or twist my arm in anyway as to Seed vs Sod explaining both throughly! We chose Sod! and we are SO Happy we did! Doug was always patient answering all questions dealing with my multiple texts, did exactly what He said when He said! I even think he even rearranged things because of being conscious of weather! Trust him he knows what he’s doing!!! Every day I wake up, come home from work and smile at my beautiful Grass!! Thank You for the hard work you and crew put in! Excited for the next project!!😊
    Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson
    We contacted Tracy’s for summer lawn mowing initially. Doug and his team’s response was prompt and communication was very easy to get updates on progress, which was extremely important as we live out of state from the property. Doug also completed short notice tasks of landscaping and tree trimming, which improved the curb appeal before selling in the fall.
    Vicki Naretta
    Vicki Naretta
    We put the wrong chemicals on our lawn last fall to get rid of weeds and found big portions of dead grass this spring. After contacting several lawn care services we chose Tracy Lawn Care to repair the damage. In 6 weeks time we are seeing green grass again thanks to Doug Tracy and his crew. The work was done quickly and the price was right. I appreciate Doug checking on our lawn after the initial work was completed. He takes pride in his work. I would call him again for further lawn care. Thanks Doug.

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    Monday - Saturday 8AM - 5PM


    (815) 378-9572



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